The Real Dad Life Story

It is just as important for me as it is for you! 

I am a Real Dad, with Real Dad love, Real Dad struggles, Real Dad questions, living a Real Dad Life.  

If you are reading this, then you know one, had one, are dying to be one, are married to one, or are living the Real Dad life as we speak.  

We see Real Dad's every day.  They are the ones operating on an everyday life schedule.  Those who are working to provide, maintaining both a job and a parenting routine, adjusting to meet the family needs, and learning to navigate through the Real Dad Life.

Why the "Real Dad Life" Blog?

Real Dad Life was created to provide a place to remember, remind, fix, change and help.  Moms benefit from other moms every day, Dads can too.  This is a space to remember and learn from the past (good and bad), to remind us what Real Dad's experience, to fix and change the bad habits we have developed, and to help every Real Dad along the Real Dad Journey.

Real Dad

Aaron Tippett